Making a Will

Making a Will is really a way of making your requests clear regarding what you wish to do with your assets when you have passed away, giving you peace of mind. We are here to help you make your Will as simple and stress free as possible.

Your circumstances may change over time. You need to make sure your will is up to date at all times. Even if you already have a Will that you wish to change or add to, we can do that for you too. If you get married or marry again, any Will that you already have will be invalid and you will need to make another will.

Most people die "intestate" that is to say without having made a Will. They are effectively, leaving the law to sort out their affairs when they pass away. If you die intestate, your estate is distributed according to set rules and without any regard for what you might have wanted. At worst this could mean loved ones receiving nothing and long-forgotten relations receiving all.

A will allows you to decide exactly what happens when you pass away.

Wills are not just for the old and the infirm. Anyone who is married, living with a partner or has children should make a Will. Wills do not take long to prepare and they are relatively inexpensive. The benefits, both financial and emotional can be beyond measure.

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